About the new visual identity
The new logo of well-known tastes
Mlekara Šabac has a new logo telling our consumers that We create with love since 1931.

We are sure there is almost no one that hasn’t enjoyed Sirko, A la Kajmak, Šabački yogurt, fresh or soft white cheese produced by our dairy known for products without additives and preservatives, created exclusively from milk from local farms. These are authentic products made with lots of love and passion by the team of Mlekara Šabac, creating a strong connection between customers, numerous farmers who supply us with raw milk, generations of families working in Mlekara, Serbia, the region, and even further – markets from Russia, across Europe, all the way to America. This makes Mlekara Šabac one of the leaders of the Serbian dairy industry, but also the largest domestic exporter of dairy products.

“In the anniversary year, Mlekara Šabac is proud to look back at the 90 years-long tradition of milk and dairy products production, which is why we are boldly introducing innovations for further development and the future. This anniversary, as well as significant production improvements and innovations, are logically accompanied by a new visual identity – primarily the redesigned logo and slogan “We create with love“, which will soon be applied to the complete product portfolio of Mlekara Šabac, which we imagined and designed together with Slavimir Stojanović and his FUTRO Design studio”, , said Maja Bađin Georgijević, Head of Corporate Affairs and Communications in Mlekara Šabac.

“Šabačka”, the brand of soft white cheese which doesn’t need a special introduction because of its taste that always reminds us of summer, no matter the time of year we enjoy it, has the honor of being the first one to carry the new logo. At the same time, for all lovers of cheese spreads without preservatives and additives, Sirko and A la Kajmak are arriving in improved and more practical packaging which can be completely recycled, with a firm lid that additionally preserves the freshness and quality of these spreads created from local milk, according to traditional recipes. This way, Mlekara Šabac confirms its intention to actively contribute to the initiatives that more and more consumers expect from their favorite food brands – to significantly influence the reduction of waste of unused food, as well as the recycling of packaging. Such innovations in production and packaging may seem like “cosmetic changes”, but in practice, they significantly contribute to preserving the environment and improving the quality of life.

Finally, the attention paid to improvements and best practices is evidenced by the recently obtained highest world certificates of production quality, safety and energy efficiency, such as IFS and ISO 50001, but also the introduction of World Class Manufacturing System tools and Data Matrix technologies, which provide detailed monitoring of complete production and methodical and systematical efficiency improvements, as well as an upgraded system of monitoring products in the complete chain, from production to placement on shelves in stores.

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