We are one of the leading dairies in the Serbian market with almost a century long tradition of producing milk and dairy products! In different forms, Mlekara Šabac has existed since 1931.

We are faithful guardians of traditional tastes from our region, but also a modern company that embraces innovations and all the challenges of today. 

Our products are made from high-quality local milk and natural origin raw materials, and we strive to exclude the use of preservatives and additives. This earned us the trust and recognition of consumers from Russia, across Europe, to the United States of America, where we export more than two-thirds of our range. We cooperate with over 700 local milk producers, who are our strategic partners. Mlekara Šabac products meet the highest quality and safety standards, and more than 75% of the raw milk we buy is in line with the criteria of the European Union and the Customs Union.

90 years-long
tradition of
milk and dairy
products production
We process 50 million
litres of milk a year
75% of purchased raw
milk meets the criteria
of the EU and the
Customs Union
We sell 20,000 tons
of dairy products a year
70% of total production distributed on three
700 farms
from Serbia
cooperate with us



A place where satisfied employees create reliable partnerships and beloved products for the whole world

We are dedicated to preserving tradition, boldly introducing innovations and proudly creating unique tastes that unite variety


We are committed to tradition, quality, acquiring and sharing knowledge with our colleagues


Every day we find new ways to improve, grow and overcome challenges


We respect our customers, each other, our differences and the partnerships we build


We dream big, we conquer new markets, we smile even when it is hard


We love what we do, we are energetic and we approach with enthusiasm the creation of every new product that will delight our consumers


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Radnik u proizvodnji

With the selection of quality raw materials, quality control, modern production equipment and technological procedures – we provide consumers, exclusively, with the best high-quality products. Mlekara Šabac has been operating since 1931 and the highest certificates in food production that we have are proof of quality – emphasizes Radenka Golubović, Senior Manager for IMS and Quality Control, who has been working in this company for more than 30 years.

Which quality certificates do Mlekara Šabac products of have?

Mlekara Šabac meets the global standards of quality and product safety, which earned it the IFS Food certificate – another one of the group of highest certificates in food production, issued by the Quality Austria certification company. Thanks to certificates from the group of global GFSI standards, Mlekara Šabac acts as the largest exporter of high-quality dairy products from Serbia on global markets, from Russia, across Europe, to the United States. Mlekara Šabac also holds ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management), ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety management), ISO 50001 (energy management), as well as the HALAL certification. These important certificates are proof of the sustainability of our business and the quality of products we offer to consumers.

How important are quality certificates for Mlekara Šabac and consumers?

Meeting IFS standards and being awarded certification is an added value for our company, as it opens the doors of global retail chains such as Spar, Carrefour, Aldi, METRO Cash & Carry, Tesco, and others, but is also important for our consumers. It demonstrates the responsibility of Mlekara Šabac for the safety and quality of our dairy products, as well as our commitment to consumers around the world which is guiding and inspiring us for each new project.

How to get a quality product?

We process 50 million litres of milk annually, thanks to state of the art technological procedures, and we distribute more than 20,000 tons of finished products, in the most contemporary packaging. We buy 150,000 litres of raw milk a day from about 700 local farmers. That’s where it all starts – from the partnerships we have built for decades, because some of the farmers have been working with us for more than half a century, their constant education and support, daily sampling of raw milk, quality control, additional analyses, not only in our laboratory but also in other accredited laboratories. The quality of our products is fully compliant with all the regulations in Serbia, but also with the procedures required by foreign markets to which we export.