How we create our products

The first dairy in Šabac was built in the fall of 1931, as a collective. The founders were large milk producers from nearby villages of Mačva, region in the northwest of Central Serbia, traditional agricultural heartland situated on a fertile plain between the Sava and Drina rivers. As historical circumstances changed, the ownership form went from collective, through state and social, to private.

From pasture to table

All our products are made from milk from local farms, provided by carefully selected farmers who pay great attention to raising animals which give only the highest quality milk. Health and good treatment of farm animals are the foundation of successful and sustainable milk production. Several generations of the same family often work on farms in order to provide care and attention to the animals, and only the best quality milk to the consumers. The unique taste of the products is achieved thanks to high-quality raw milk, but also by applying the highest production standards.


State of the art technology of marking and tracking each product is the latest in a series of innovations that Mlekara Šabac is introducing into its production. Such a strictly controlled product – from local farmers, through the production chain and transport – arrives safe and tested to the homes of consumers in our country, and around the world, from Russia, through Europe, to the United States. Our vision is to expand the product range following the needs of consumers and keep our brands traditional and modern at the same time.

Sustainable and responsible

As modern business dictates, for a company to call itself successful, in addition to achieving good business results it must also operate responsibly – taking care of its employees, consumers and the environment in which it produces and markets products.

With this in mind, investments in production innovations and advanced technologies are not only the current focus of Mlekara Šabac but also its strategic plan for a sustainable future of business.

Mlekara Šabac became the first dairy in Serbia with Data Matrix technology for marking and tracking products, from production to shelves.

Product placement on domestic and world markets requires a company to always be ready to respond to any request that a particular country may have. This is only possible thanks to serious investments in innovative production technologies. That is why Mlekara Šabac is the first Serbian dairy to export products compliant with Data Matrix technology and fully respect recently introduced requirements of the Russian market, where we have been present for more than 10 years and where every product must now be marked with a QR code.

In addition to this technology, Mlekara Šabac packs its products in innovative packaging that is up to 100% recyclable.

In particular, authentic taste cheese spreads “A la Kajmak” and “Sirko“, which have been made for decades from milk from domestic farms, without preservatives and additives, following the traditional recipe, are sold in packaging that can be completely recycled. This is another step further in the innovations that Mlekara Šabac is constantly introducing because it is committed to quality –  primarily in creating natural milk products, but also in the way it takes care of its consumers and protects the environment. Thanks to the new, improved and more practical packaging of cheese spreads, which has a firm lid, their freshness is additionally preserved while the quality remains unchanged, as this packaging can be closed again after opening. In this way, Mlekara Šabac has joined global initiatives that encourage the reduction of waste of unused food, as well as packaging recycling, which directly affects the protection of the environment and the quality of life for all of us.

Did you know that…

*A cow can give up to 50 litres of milk in one day. Cows produce 90% of the milk in the world

*Around 87% of cow’s milk is water, and the rest is calcium, protein and vitamins

*Milk lowers blood pressure and people who suffer from high blood pressure should drink at least 750 ml of milk a day


Milk as a tool of beauty and rejuvenation

Legend has it that Queen Cleopatra of Egypt bathed in milk in the BC era in order to preserve her youthful appearance. This far-famed seductress, whom even the famous Caesar could not resist, stated that she nurtured herself with milk baths, which made her skin soft, elastic and youthful.

Even today, many cosmetic lines include milk ingredients in their products, and spa treatments such as milk baths and massages that maintain a youthful and healthy skin look are becoming more popular.