Mlekara Šabac believes in constant innovations that result in natural products in packaging that can be recycled up to 100%

The unique cheese spreads A la Kajmak and Sirko, which have existed for decades, are made according to the traditional recipe from milk from domestic farms, without preservatives and additives, and starting this summer they will be sold in packaging that can be completely recycled. This is another step further in the innovations that Mlekara Šabac is constantly introducing because it believes in and is committed to the quality of natural milk products, consumers and environmental protection.
Thanks to the new, improved and more practical packaging of cheese spreads, which will have a firm lid on all products, their freshness is additionally preserved and the quality remains unchanged, because this packaging can be closed again after opening. In this way, Mlekara Šabac, which sells its products in Serbia, but also exports most of its range to markets from Russia, across Europe, to America, has joined global initiatives aimed at reducing waste of unused food and packaging recycling, which directly affects the quality of life and environmental protection.
This last in a series of innovations represents a logical flow after the introduction of World Class Manufacturing System in cooperation with TetraPak, which introduced a tool for detailed monitoring of complete production and raising its efficiency in a methodical and systematic way, obtaining IFS – the world’s highest certificate in food production and ISO 50001 standards which relate to energy efficiency, and the introduction of Data Matrix technology, which significantly improves the track & trace system of product monitoring throughout the entire chain, from production to placement on store shelves.
The story of Mlekara Šabac does not end here. They continue their 90-years-long tradition of production in Serbia with lots of love, and the construction of a factory in Russia is in the plans, as the next strategic step for further development.

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