Significant recognition by the Intellectual Property Office

On the occasion of marking its 101st anniversary, the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia held an award ceremony for the winners of the competition of the World Intellectual Property Organization in 2021. Mlekara Šabac won the WIPO Users’ Trophy award in one of the five categories, as the company with the highest number of internationally registered trademarks in 2021.
“This year we are celebrating 90 years of existence, and we are exporting our products to 15 world markets. That is why the protection of our trademark and its recognition is very important to us so that products cannot be counterfeited, so that we can justify the trust and quality we have, thanks primarily to domestic breeders who supply us with local milk”, said Maja Badjin Georgijevic, Corporate Communications manager at Mlekara Šabac, during the award ceremony.
The protection of the new corporate visual identity is a sort of confirmation of the originality and authenticity of the products of Mlekara Šabac on the shelves around the world.

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