Mediteraneo full-fat cheese is an integral part of every charcuterie board or salad. With our cheese, the salad turns into a gourmet meal. Mediteraneo goes well with lettuce, cucumber, tomato or peppers. It enriches salads with proteins, so they become a complete meal that you can take to work or serve as a refreshing light supper.

This cheese is produced by the technological process of ultrafiltration of milk, which makes it more nutritionally valuable and of better quality due to the significantly higher content of highly valuable so-called whey protein – albumin and globulin, in relation to cheeses produced by classical methods.

Mediteraneo cheese is the holder of the “Čuvarkuća” trademark, a recognition awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia within the “Made in Serbia” project. “Čuvarkuća” trademark was created to educate consumers about the high quality of products and their domestic origin.

Prosečna nutritivna vrednost100g
Energetska vrednost818 kJ / 197 kcal
Masti15,5 g
od toga zasićene masne kiseline10,5 g
Ugljeni hidrati2,6 g
od toga šećeri2,6 g
Proteini11,8 g
So2 g